The Bronx Zoo from Your Hostel New York

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eight=”300″ />Now that it’s nice out, you don’t have to stay confined to the five block radius around your hostel New York before wanting to escape winter’s winds by getting on the subway. You can walk all up and down the city, or even venture to – the outer boroughs. One of the best places

for visitors is the Bronx Zoo.

It is the second largest zoo in the country, and like everything in New York, it represents the best. There is a twenty foot long anaconda, a Nile crocodile, elephants, grizzlies, and giraffes, you name it, they have it. The grounds are beautiful and it’s a great way to spend a day.

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After that you can walk over to the new Little Italy, on Arthur Avenue. It’s about a ten-minute walk through a poor neighborhood, but everyone is friendly and ready to give directions. Once there, you can find a number of delicious Italian restaurants and authentic salumerias. Follow your spaghetti Bolognese with a shot of espresso and some cookies at one of the numerous Italian bakeries that line the strip.

And afterwards you can walk to the subway to take you half an hour back

to your hostel New York. It’s close enough so that you don’t have to wake early to get a head start. You can wake up leisurely at your hostels New York and then see all the animals.

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No Natural Disasters in Your New York Hostel

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ht=”225″ />If you’re reading this, then chances are you survived the great New York Hurricane of 2011, Hurricane Irene. Luckily, your New York hostel wasn’t damaged; there was no flooding or anything like that.

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While New York is low-lying, it’s also a giant piece of granite. So the foundations of all the buildings are safe, because not even a category five hurricane can move bedrock.

If you plan on visiting New York and staying at a New York hostel, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best and that you’ll be safe. Since the state

was colonized by the Dutch, there have only been 84 hurricanes, which averages about one every four years or so. So if you missed Irene, you probably won’t have to worry about another any time soon.

Same goes with the earthquake. Earthquakes in New York

are very rare, and are hardly ever have a magnitude stronger than a 5. Since they affect a larger area than those that occur on the West Coast, they are generally weaker as a result.

So if you’re planning to stay in hostels Manhattan anytime soon, you don’t have to worry. The fact that we had an earthquake and a hurricane in the same week means we probably won’t have any other natural disasters any time soon.


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