The Best Coffee, From Your New York Hostel

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Coffee siphons at Blue Bottle.

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Where is the best coffee in New York? One of the best parts of staying in a hostel New York is that you have money to spend elsewhere, like on food and drinks. And when it comes to coffee New York is a lot more than the blue paper cups with Greek statues it used to be. In recent years New York has elevated its caffeine game to join the ranks of cities like Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco.

Walk south from your hostel New York into SoHo to Gimme Coffee! This Ithaca-based coffee shop was helping Cornell students ace exams for years before they opened an outpost on Mott off Prince St.

Abracao is fun, but its hours are funky – they close at 5. Located at 86 E 7th St, it’s the perfect pit stop when you’re spending an afternoon in the East Village. The cortado is superb.

But maybe the best coffee you can access from your New York hostel is in Williamsburg. Blue Bottle originated in

San Francisco and they have cult classics to choose from. For the summer you have to try the iced New Orleans. Flavored with chicory, it’s more like a chocolate milkshake than iced coffee. It’s in between N4th and 5th on Berry.

While many caffeinophiles may recommend other cafes, trust me, from these three you’ll be able to choose the cream of the crop.

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