The Pleasures of a Downtown New York Hostel

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afe-10-300×200.jpg” alt=”new york hostel ” width=”300″ height=”200″ />Walking around downtown New York is much more fun than uptown. People are more relaxed and are generally weirder, so it makes for better people watching. On the Upper East Side, for example, everyone is very wealthy, and usually older, unless you head far east. But when in NoLiTa or SoHo or even the Lower East Side or East Village, young and old walk together unconcerned. Glimpse outside the front door of your hostel New York and see what I mean.

Sometimes, when you’re not sure what to do on your last day of vacation, it’s okay to hang out. Since your hostel New York is already downtown, just walk around and find a cafe. You’re getting to know the city by doing so. If the weather’s nice, sit outside and watch the beautiful people go by. Order an espresso and a pastry and relax. Sometimes these memories of sitting on a sidewalk in a foreign city are just as memorable as those of seeing that city’s most famous museums, or partying at the trendiest nightclubs, or eating

at the most

expensive restaurant. Appreciating the simple pleasure of afternoon relaxation makes you happy that you decided to stay in a New York hostel downtown.

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