The Places You'll Go From Your Hostel NY


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>My friend is visiting New York for the first time from the West Coast. She’s staying in a New York hostel and she asked me what she should

do. At first, she said, she didn’t want to do the touristy stuff, but now that

she’s here, why wouldn’t she?

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Standing beneath those lights in Times Square is incomparable to anything in the western world (though in Tokyo I’m told they have about three areas like it); Central Park and Strawberry Hill are must-sees; and I’m sure it sent chills up her neck to see the same Statue of Liberty her great grandparents saw when they came to Ellis Island at the turn of last century.

So after we did all that stuff, I took her to some of the lesser known spots: Grimaldi’s underneath the Brooklyn Bridge; Curry Hill on Lexington and 28th; the best espresso in the city at Gimme Coffee! She started to get a good idea of all that New York has to offer. Yesterday we just kind of walked around the East Village, where her hostel NY is, smoking cigarettes, eating, drinking, living the good life.

Tomorrow she wants to go to the Met and the day after we’ll go to the Bronx Zoo. Tonight for dinner we’re going to Chinatown!

I love having visitors, especially when they’re staying at a conveniently located hostel NY.

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