First Impressions Upon Arriving at Your Hostel NY

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ht=”236″ />When you arrive at your

New York hostel, your mind will swim with impressions. Why is everyone so mean-looking? Are the subways dangerous? Can I eat the hot dogs off the street?

The answers to these questions are, respectively, because New York is about space, and everyone’s personal bubble is a little bit smaller and more easily infiltrated than anywhere else in the U.S. (and most of the world); only late at night at the end cars typically in the outer boroughs; and yes, but make sure to ask for onions and sauerkraut and relish or else he’ll only give you mustard and ketchup.

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You may have other questions and for the answers to those, you can talk to pretty much anyone who makes eye contact with you. Although New Yorkers have a reputation for being mean and wanting people to

stay out of their business, they’re actually quite amicable when approached, which you will be able to tell by the flocks of people asking if you need directions when you hold open a map trying to find your way back to the hostel NY. Just take it to the next level and ask the guy sitting next to you on the subway about the best places to be when you’re outside your hostel NY.


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